The pandemic might have changed the way companies do business, but that doesn’t mean we should toss traditional marketing methods aside. In fact, the opposite is true.

An email marketing campaign might feel perfect right now, considering much of the labor force has converted to full-time remote work. The logic is there – we’re on our phones and computers for the majority of any given day.

Why not try to connect with someone via their inbox?

But neglecting tried and true approaches, such as direct mail, in the current climate would be a mistake. Direct mail has distinct advantages compared to email marketing that can help you connect with customers during this unusual time.

The Advantages of Direct Mail

If you’re planning your next marketing campaign, here are a few reasons to consider incorporating direct mail, too.


Email is a high-competition method of advertising. According to The Radicati Group, the average person receives 121 emails every day. That’s a large pool of companies vying for the same person’s finite attention. In comparison, the typical household receives a little over two mail advertisements per day. I’m getting LESS mail in my inbox these days. Not more. It’s a missed opportunity.


While it’s true that the development of a direct mail ad takes much longer than drafting an email, the upfront commitment pays off. Per a 2018 study by Go Inspire Group, the average shelf-life of direct mail is 17 days. On the other hand, emails have a lifespan of 2 seconds, disappearing quicker than fleeting thoughts.

Think about it, how much attention do you give an arbitrary email – especially an advertisement? Emails have milliseconds to gain our interest. Meanwhile, direct mail has a much larger window of time.

No opt-in requirements or filters

Unlike email, direct mail doesn’t require subscribers to opt-in, allowing marketers to circumvent a touchpoint that often prevents potential subscribers from signing up. According to Campaign Monitor, 20% of initial leads will fail to confirm their subscription.

Plenty of emails never even get the chance to be rejected by the recipient due to auto-filter functions. While direct mail can be physically sifted through and tossed in a similar fashion, the recipient must individually review each piece of mail.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose. Direct mail and email marketing can both be incorporated into your next campaign. A multi-channel approach increases your odds of reaching and engaging with your customers.

Let’s Revamp and Streamline Your Direct Mail Marketing

If your communication efforts have stalled during the pandemic, you’re not out of options. Sepire can help you rejuvenate your direct mail campaign and reengage your customer base – even in this remote focused environment. (this last phrase was an incomplete sentence where it was before)

Interested? Let’s talk.