We have already discussed the benefits of direct mail campaigns. However, modernizing your direct mail campaign through automation takes your omni-channel marketing strategy to the next level.

Automated direct mail campaigns are both convenient and effective, and while email has a response rate of 1%, the response rate to direct mail is 9%.

In this article we look at the seven benefits automated direct mail can drive to your business.

1. Time efficient

Marketing automation significantly reduces the amount of time required to send mail, ultimately improving your marketing ROI. The automation process will not eliminate your manual work completely but will make your processes more efficient. It goes a long way in helping you save time while still driving results for your business.

Opting for direct mail automation means you save the time it would have taken your staff to print mail, stuff envelopes, and send them off to post offices manually. The designing, printing, and sending procedures are all automated so your employees won’t have to spend long shifts working on these repetitive tasks.

2. Improved accuracy

The direct mail process involves a lot of manual intervention, allowing significant room for error.
If your business forms part of a regulated industry, manual processes also increase the risk of non-compliance.

Automated direct mail software consists of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration which gathers all the addresses from your company’s database and uses this as a reference whenever your company sends out mails in bulk. This process ensures that each mail piece sent out is delivered to the correct address.

3. Personalize and customize at scale

Customize your content with very little effort, so you can send more mail in less time. Automated direct mail enables you to target your customers with more accuracy so you can personalize your client communication based on their unique profiles and traits to increase engagement. At Sepire we use dynamic content combined with Inkit’s direct mail software, to create personalized mail that increases your response rates and customer retention rates.4. Testing and Tracking

Tracking the traditional direct mailing process is a cumbersome and time consuming task. With automated direct mail, you can easily add a QR code to your mail. A trackable link can also be requested to view and report on the status of mail campaigns, allowing you to gain insights and feedback from clients, which play an important role in improving your marketing and mailing strategy.

The automated direct mail process further allows you to test numerous aspects like copy, design, personalization and more.

5. Building deeper customer connections

Direct mail increases brand awareness and helps businesses maintain good relationships with their clients. Automated direct mail systems make it easy to set up triggers by identifying key events in a client’s life cycle. Through automation, the right marketing is triggered at the right time to the relevant customers.

It ensures that mail pieces are delivered only when recipients are ready to start communication, making customers feel that your business cares about their preferences and adapts to their needs. As a result, the customer relationship is strengthened and retention increased.

6. Automated direct marketing is better for mass mailing

Integrating an CRM system into the automated direct mail software, enables you to send mail pieces in bulk to numerous recipients simultaneously. With one click, you can automatically mass mail your target audience – at no additional cost.

7. Reduce expenses

Direct mail automation cuts out most of the manual workload involved in the direct mailing process and helps streamline repetitive marketing actions. Transitioning from traditional direct mail to an automated process significantly reduces time and labor while increasing ROI.

If you have not made the shift to automated direct mail yet, now is a good time to consider the benefits it will drive to your organization. ​​Connect with our team for a demo here: https://www.sepire.com/contact/