Sepire is pleased to announce the second addition of a RICOH Pro VC70000 continuous-feed inkjet platform, thereby expanding our alliance with Ricoh and substantially increasing our productivity in order to meet increased demand for high-volume, fast-turnaround projects.  

Sepire is the first business to add a second RICOH Pro VC70000 Continuous Feed Inkjet printer, less than two years after we opened our doors. During this time, Sepire’s operations have been powered by Ricoh presses, software and services. 

“Every step of the way, Ricoh has remained committed to understand and respond to our needs, even – and especially – as those needs change,” said Michelle Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, Sepire. “When we opened our doors a year ago with wall-to-wall Ricoh technology, we put a lot of faith in them, and in turn, they were willing to put a lot of care, effort and expertise into us. Beyond hardware, software, service and support, Ricoh has made it a priority to work with us to help make sure our capabilities are growing with demand, so we can continue to scale as we grow our reputation in this space.”

Sepire is a marketing services and communications distribution company and a certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) organization, serving the highly regulated healthcare, finance and insurance industries, specializing in complex, compliance-driven solutions. To help stay ahead of the game, Sepire works to make it easier to create, manage and distribute communications for companies in compliance-driven environments. 

The award-winning RICOH Pro VC70000 helps deliver quality applications on premium substrates traditionally expected from offset, such as high-end catalogs and magazines, without the need for primer coats or other paper treatments. Ricoh-developed inks and Ricoh-patented dryer technology further help drive savings, quality and fast turns, with drying capacity inside the press itself helping to reduce overall footprint. 

Based on customer feedback, the platform has added a number of features since Sepire debuted its first RICOH Pro VC70000 in 2019. These include process improvements that aid Ricoh USA, Inc.