Is your Print Partner Secure?

Data breaches remain a reality. The average cost of a data breach in the United States in 2020 was $8.64 million. It goes without saying that you should do your research before entrusting a print and mail provider with your data. Just a single data breach can have large-scale repercussions for a company and result in hefty fines, lawsuits, and loss of brand reputation and customers.



Expertise Supported By Certification

At Sepire our clients’ data is sacrosanct. We pull together more than 100 years of combined leadership experience in secure communications with cutting edge technology to deliver secure and innovative customer solutions. We have expert knowledge of the highly regulated industries our clients specialize in and place a premium value on security and compliance within our print and mail processes. Our expertise and investment into secure data handling processes are supported by certifications including HITRUST, HIPAA and FISMA compliance. Sepire is also Soc2 Type 2 certified and conducts an annual SOC 2 audit on our operation against all internal controls relating to security, availability, integrity of processing, confidentiality and privacy.


Cutting Edge Technology, Facility and Processes

Sepire has all the foundational capabilities to deliver secure, high volume print and mail solutions. We operate from a fully secured, first-class facility with file backup, overflow and recovery provided by Ricoh.


CompliChain is our state-of-the-art proprietary technology platform that provides a robust integration to receive and handle all data in a highly secure manner. CompliChain maps directly to the Ricoh Process Director CMM software platform. It also allows our clients to have end-to-end visibility into processes and track, even manage, projects in real time. 


Sepire has a long-term strategic alliance with Ricoh and is one of the few secure communication providers using multiple Ricoh VC 70000 web presses. From a production standpoint the Ricoh VC70000 lends itself to personalized print communications at scale. This gives our clients high-resolution output, print speeds faster than any sheet-fed technology, and the ability to image on a wide range of untreated coated and uncoated substrates.   


We pair the Ricoh VC 70000 with our multiple roll-fed Kern intelligent inserters. These Kern intelligent inserters scan a 2-D barcode and utilize an audit file to make sure no envelopes get double stuffed and that 100% of the mail is being sent.  


We take it a step further and also utilize our Touch and Toss Workflow, a complete digital workflow management, to ensure that the integrity of every mail piece stays intact. In the event of any damages, mail pieces are diverted and recorded through our automated software where after it is automatically lined up in an automatic reprint process – no operator handling of mail pieces takes place. 


In the end Sepire takes security very seriously and we are constantly evolving our processes to make sure we meet the security needs of our most stringent clients.