With each passing day, the healthcare system continues its transition to value-based care, which places more control in the hands of the patient. The digital age enables this shift, as patients have greater access to tools that can help them research health care options.

To competitively position themselves, healthcare companies and providers must do whatever they can to reach and engage potential patients.

Although email campaigns are the natural approach in today’s climate, inboxes can overflow with advertisements. The average professional has about 200 emails in their inbox at any given time and receives another 121 every workday.

Direct mail cuts through the clutter and establishes a clearer channel of communication with prospective patients. This can lead to more referrals and patients.

Here are five direct mail marketing tips to consider when you design your next campaign.


It’s hard to beat a convenient commute. Target nearby residents to drive more foot traffic into your office. To get them in the door, try offering free consultations or clinics. The word “free” can be quite persuasive. People simply can’t resist getting something for free.

Testimonials & reviews

Nothing inspires confidence in your healthcare practice like a glowing review or patient testimonial. According to NRC Health, 92.4% of patients rely on online reviews. Further, 60.8% of patients avoided certain doctors because of negative online reviews.

Try including patient testimonials in your direct mail content to position your practice as not only a viable option — but also the best option.

Establish authority

Take advantage of direct mail to educate potential patients and establish your practice as an authority. Especially amidst a public health crisis, health-related tips and guidance can engage your audience and generate traffic.

Leverage data

When people move and use the U.S. Postal Service’s Change of Address feature, they receive a Welcome Kit that contains a community guide and special offers.

If you mirror this approach and target people who are new to the area, you can attract new business. Whenever people move, they have to find their go-to restaurant or new grocery store. The same can be said of finding a new physician.

Say thank you

No matter the industry, impersonal marketing is destined to fail. Personalization is not an option — it’s mandatory in this day and age. Even something as small as a thank you card can drive patient retention.

If you want to break through the clutter with direct mail marketing, let’s talk about how Sepire can help.