While remote and hybrid workplaces have been a rising trend in the last few years, most companies were forced to make this shift in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic.

At Sepire, we have been geared up for a remote working structure since long before it became a health and safety precaution. Not only is our entire operating model – from workflows to equipment and facilities – designed to accommodate a remote working environment, but through our proprietary technology, CompliChain™, we can also enhance our customers’ remote or hybrid working environment.

CompliChain™ is the foundation of our customer collaboration, a superior technology platform that brings customers a secure communications solution with remote accessibility.

Here is how it works. 

Initiate New Projects

CompliChain offers complete project management capabilities. Customers are able to create new projects directly in the Job Manager’s application and to collaborate in real-time with internal and external stakeholders on all projects. All jobs can be accessed and managed from this centralized portal. CompliChain allows each user to securely log in with their existing company credentials, using Microsoft’s B2B Azure Active Directory, Single Sign-On, or user name and password.

Track Progress and Success of Projects

Through our CompliChain technology, we are able to offer customers unrivaled transparency into their projects. Users have end-to-end insight into the production progress and performance of projects as well as instant access to customized status reports, push notifications and real-time audits. 

Streamlined Communication

The direct interaction with our technology platform enables a more streamlined communication process and greater speed efficiency across the entire process while significantly reducing errors. Because our customers see the same dashboard Sepire does, it saves them from having to contact us to make inquiries or follow up on issues. It also allows us to act swiftly in the event of emergencies – we are able to respond within hours. 

Peace of Mind

CompliChain is critical to customers in highly regulated industries. It offers complete data security and robust offsite disaster recovery. Our facility is HIPAA certified and SOC2 compliant, and the transparency that we can provide to our clients during the entire process is a huge differentiator in the marketplace. The technology also allows for seamless CRM integration.

For a more comprehensive overview of what CompliChain can do to help you, let’s have a conversation.