Has the world ever been engulfed in so much uncertainty?

In the current environment, it’s practically impossible to know what the world will look like in two weeks, let alone several months. Before we know it, open enrollment for 2021 health plans will be upon us.

For health insurers, that could be a logistical nightmare.

Pre-pandemic, effective communications between healthcare companies and their customers was already a challenge. Multiple variables have to be accounted for, such as unifying branding and messaging across channels, ensuring personalized materials are delivered to the correct recipient and providing timely and relevant information. COVID-19 has made this an even more onerous task.

Just how are health insurers supposed to prepare for a high-volume of personalized printing and mailing?

Some health insurers have onsite printing capabilities, while others rely on outsourcing. Regardless, during this time of limited capacity due to social restrictions and slimmer workforces, insurers would be remiss to not consider direct mail automation to handle their upcoming printing and mailing needs.

How does direct mail automation work?

Traditional direct mail processes require significant offline, human input. It’s a disconnected process with many touchpoints and bottlenecks, making personalized, large-batch campaigns a challenge.

Through cloud-based software, direct mail automation allows companies to manage the entire direct mail process from one online platform, crafting campaigns, establishing triggers, and analyzing results. As a bonus, employees can manage the entire workflow process—from beginning to end—from home.

Let’s assume an insurer wants to gather customer service feedback. Survey responses could be programmed as the campaign’s trigger to send an automated, personalized thank you note to each customer.

Direct mail automation also allows for targeted promotions to customers that meet predetermined criteria, such as age, gender, location, etc.

Benefits of direct mail automation

Direct mail automation allows companies to leverage the power of direct mail without tedious, labor-intensive, inefficient processes. Using cloud-based software, direct mail automation consolidates your data into one convenient, centralized source and enables automated workflows to maximize efficiency and reduce human error.

Direct mail automation…

  • Can be scaled to meet your business’s needs
  • Integrates into broader omnichannel campaigns
  • Is easy to test and analyze

We are here to help

Times are tough, but the world is still moving forward. If your company’s print and mailing capabilities have taken a hit, we’re here to help you avoid business interruption.

Sepire’s state-of-the-art document production and processing facility leverages a secure, compliant cloud-based infrastructure, known as CompliChain, that enables users to manage all of their print and mail needs. That includes direct mail automation with customizable workflows and real-time production performance analytics.

Sepire also offers high-volume variable data printing with the ability to produce over 1 million full-color, fully personalized pieces per day.

Hopefully, this challenging time will come to an end soon. But, until it does, Sepire is here to help you, in whatever capacity you need us to.