Today we’re excited to introduce you to our very own April Hoffman.

April joined Sepire last year as a Client Services Advocate (CSA). CSAs are responsible for translating clients’ needs to align expectations and ensure clients are happy. They keep everyone informed and up-to-date. We like to think of April as an answer seeker and a problem solver – two really critical assets for our company.

In April’s words, the CSA is the quarterback, making sure the ball keeps moving down the field.

We sat down with April as she shared her personal insights on Sepire and her experiences thus far.

What does being a part of the Sepire family mean to you?

Sepire is definitely a family. A lot of us go way back. My print career started with all these fine people and it’s been fun to grow with them.

Going to work every day knowing everyone cares about the client is a nice feeling. Everyone has my back and will do what they can to help. It’s also a lot of fun and we are constantly ripping on each other … like a family does, right?

What kind of impact does Sepire make in the lives of your clients?

I’ve never seen another company push as hard as they do to provide an exceptional experience for the client. With all the print/tech knowledge that the Sepire team holds, we’ve seen all kinds of requests. And everyone is always happy to jump on board and figure out a way to tackle these “opportunities.”

In your role specifically, working with clients, what distinguishes Sepire from everyone else?

It’s a much more pleasant experience because I’m able to say “yes” to clients way more often than not. And I’m not delivering negative news as often as I’ve had to in the past.

From the top-down, everyone at Sepire lives to be 100% transparent and never wants a client to feel like they are in the dark. It’s an open-door policy. If you need anything, reach out to anyone at the company and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

We also know what we’re good at and how we can help clients deal with sensitive information – especially complicated projects. Our team has lived it and breathed it, so everything about print is second nature to them.

Clients can depend on Sepire’s experience; they don’t have to navigate the communications world alone.

What makes Sepire unique from other companies in the industry?

Sepire has so many capabilities, you would never think it’s a small company.

We are a tight-knit group with a lot of talented people who care about their work and enjoy what they do. Sometimes, when I hear about the volumes that we’re going to tackle in the next month, it’s wild! But no one bats an eye.

It’s like that expression, “Act like you’ve been there before.” Our whole team has definitely been there before and they’re always saying, “Bring it on!”

Is there anything else you want people to know about you or Sepire? 

I love making connections with my clients and getting to know them as people. I’d love to get to know you – let me help you manage some jobs through our shop! 

Fun facts about April … because we had to throw them in!

When she’s not working, she’s playing with (or chasing down) her 14-month-old son and three dogs. Or she’s embracing the outdoors with her husband – golfing, biking, or snowboarding.

She also has a story or two to tell – like the time she was carjacked in a PetSmart parking lot and wound up in a lengthy high-speed chase. (But you’ll have to ask her about it!)